Valminud on DarkroomCat’i uus riidest kott värvitooniga NUDE, mis on eriti luksuslik ning mõjub kuldsena. Kott on mustade kasside ja mustade sangadega.

Kassidega riidest kott on parajasti vetthülgav, ei karda masinpesu 30 kraadi juures ning triikimist tegelikult ei vaja.

Mõõdud ikka samad 38x45x8cm.

Kanna seda uhkusega!


DarkroomCat and nude is ready – the new cotton bag that is very luxurious and even golden. It has black cats on it and black handles.

It doesn’t fear rain that much and it doesn’t need ironing. Not really. It is also washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

Measurements are 38x45x8 cm just like the others.

Be proud to wear it!


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